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Anesthesia Medical Billing Services


The Anesthesiologists are the unsung heroes during a surgery. While their role is either not understood clearly or marginalized, it remains their responsibility to administer the right amounts of the drug so that patient undergoing surgery feels no pain, and also to wake them up from sedation after the surgery is completed.

The work of an Anesthesiologist, in fact starts during the pre-surgical phase when they determine the drug and the amount to be given based on the history of the patient. They also need to monitor the patient actively during the surgery and adjusting the dosage being given. There are different levels of Anesthesia providers - the Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA). While they take on a critical role, it is only justified that they get billed correctly for their services and get reimbursement to the maximum.